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Sullivan; Maxie Fenbaum; Spike Fuller). 1944;.2 Troop 11th Hussars sent to protect a bridge in Belgium, which they did, only to watch it being destroyed later in the day by the Royal Engineers!; artist not known) 772. Papa Gillon's Garden (WW2 RAF/Resistance; pilot escaping from France). See also Pilot Officers Johnny Allen and Flight Lieutenant Leathart; artist Philpotts) 650. ; see above entry). Braddock is full of praise for this pilot; Harland flies with Braddock in the Mosquito to get a feeling of a Ranger flight. Tennis Tramps (series?; sport; featuring Danny Summers; artist Harding?). Blatchford, Flight Lieutenant Howard (DFC; WW2 RAF; Canadian; squadron 257; 11th November 1940; fighting Italian fighters over Malta; artist Shone) 1064. Harland introduces Ranger Flights, the Mosquito ambushes planes over their own territory. Tranter, Captain Matt (series characters; sci-fi) see Space Pirate. Military Misfit, The (WW2 Army.) Mighty Muscles! On 16 July, Hiratsuka, Kuwana, Namazu and ita were attacked. RP 632 artist Coleman). Sarup, Ram (Indian Distinguished Service Medal; WW2 Indian Army; 5th (Bombay) Mountain Battery; Burma; volunteers to retrieve a dead comrade; artist not known) 850. (WW2 Fleet Air Arm; 23rd May, 1943, Swordfish plane from.M.S. (complete story; western; Clem Penrat). (WW2 Army; 454 Mountain Battery, commanded by Captain McNair; how the battery finally got to fight in WW2 on 23rd March, 1945; no medals awarded; front / back cover story) 523; RP 1174. Hermits of Gorilla Island, The (series characters; African adventure; two men trapped on an island in a crocodile-infested swamp; featuring Glen Gordon; "Rhino" Martin; artist Marie). British Tommy, The (true story of how the British Tommy got his nickname). (organising resistance against evil ruler General Basmil, leader of an African state of Butola; artist Garcia?). gay boy escort naples italy escorts

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Human Fly, The (series character; climbing adventure; featuring Bill Slater; artist philpotts; note - not the Joe Bones character). According to Plan (factual; WW2 Army; Italy, Dec. Knockout!, Its (factual; sport; boxing photographs) 1979. Pontus (series character; sci-fi) annunci gay grosseto massaggio tantra gay milano see Blood Hunt.

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