Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH)

The Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH) is one of the largest research centres of Greece with well-organised facilities and a highly qualified staff. The research and technological focus of the foundation is centred on selected areas of great scientific, social, and economic interest. Three Institutes of FORTH, with their relevant laboratories and groups, are to be involved and contribute to the current project. The person in charge representing FORTH in ACTION-Grid project is Dr. George Potamias.

The Institute of Computer Science of FORTH (FORTH/ICS), since its establishment in 1983, is a pioneering contributor towards the deployment and adoption of Information Society Technologies in Greece and plays a leading role in worldwide efforts towards the development of an Information Society accessible and acceptable by all citizens. The FORTH-ICS group involved in the current proposal is the Biomedical Informatics Laboratory (BMI Lab). The BMI lab at FORTH/ICS has established a tradition of internationally acknowledged excellence in conducting high-level R&D work and in developing innovative systems and services. Its research activities focus on the development of innovative computer methods and tools in the area of medical informatics, ehealth, m-Health, medical imaging and bioinformatics. The participating groups are currently involved in several projects and initiatives related to the topics of the project, such as: INFOBIOMED - an IST Network of Excellence in Biomedical Informatics, Symbiomatics, an IST SSA aiming at defining a roadmap for Biomedical R&D activities in Europe, ACGT - an IST Integrated Project aiming at the development of the European Biomedical Informatics Grid for cancer research; LOCCANDIA - a Lab-on-Chip project; and "Prognochip", a national program for the development of microarray technology for the classification of cancer. FORTH-ICS is also a member CoreGRID (duration: 2004-2008) and EGEE (duration: 2004-2006).

  • George Potamias Dr George Potamias

    Dr George Potamias is a Principal Researcher at FORTH's Institute of Computer Science (FORTH/ICS). Dr. Potamias earned his PhD from the University of Patras, in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge-based systems. Dr. Potamias, has contributed to several R&D projects including, but not limited to, GAMES-I & II, STAR and InterCare Health Telematics projects; MLT, FAPSY, KESO, and IRAIA ESPRIT/IST data-mining projects, and INFOBIOMED (IST NoE). Dr. Potamias is actively involved as principal investigator in the ACGT (Advancing Clinico-Genomic Trials on cancer;, and the LOCCANDIA (Lab-On-Chip based protein profiling for CANcer DIAgnosis ; running projects. He is an affiliate member of IEEE.