Save the Survey

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In every page of the survey is contained a "save" button. This button can be used to save the data inserted in the survey.

If you change section or subsection without saving before, a warning message will appear, asking if you want to save the data before moving to the other sections or subsections.

The saved data will be associated with your account. When you access the survey with your username and password, the saved data will be available.

If you want you can complete the survey in more than one session simply saving the data and logging out. You can continue to fill it accessing later with the same username and password.

If different people of your research group will fill the same survey, they will have to share the same account and they will not be able to access at the same time with the same account. Please note that the General Information section asks for details of the person that answer the survey. If more than one person is completing it, please fill general information with details of only one of them.

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