University of Zagreb, Medical School (UNIZG)

The Department for Medical Statistics, Epidemiology and Medical Informatics (MSEMI) at the Andrija Stampar School of Public Health, UNIZG (University of Zagreb, Medical School, in English) is a nonprofit, public, research and education department dedicated to three main areas of research and education: (1) Medical Informatics (health information system, standardization, decision support systems, data mining, data analysis, prognostic models); (2) Epidemiology and Public Health (infectious and chronic diseases, public health survey, genetic epidemiology); and (3) Medical Statistics (statistical methods, data analysis). The department was created in 1997 and has so far conducted research projects financed by a number of financing institutions in Croatia. The Department has also initiated and participated in several international research projects (funded by e.g., World Bank, Medical Research Council UK, World Health Organization, Japanese International Co-operation Agency). The Health and Medical Informatics Group (HMIG) of the MSEMI Department was established in 2003. The staff of the group includes three professors, one associate professor, two assistant professors, two junior researchers, and one graduate student. Past and current collaborations include several foreign institutions, such as University of Edinburgh and Cavendish College, London, GB, and research agreements with hospitals and health institutions in Croatia. Contracts in biomedical informatics have included the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Croatia, and industry, including software companies.

  • Josipa Kern Prof. Josipa Kern

    Prof. Josipa Kern is a Professor of Medical Informatics at the University of Zagreb Medical School, and the leader of the HMIG group. She holds a degree in mathematics, MSc and PhD at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Science. She underwent continuous education programs in primary health care at the RCAST, Tokyo University and WHO training in quality assurance (Kuopio, Finland). She has been the principal investigator in several national projects and has participated in five international research projects. She has been the Chairwoman and/or a member of scientific program committees of many international and domestic congresses (e.g., MIE, TeleHealth, IRMA).