University of Talca (UTalca)

The Center for Bioinformatics and Molecular Simulations (CBSM) of the University of Talca was created in 2004. CBSM is a multidisciplinary team that includes students from engineering in bioinformatics, biologists, microbiologist, physicians, chemists and biochemists. CBSM is inserted in the first school in Engineering in Bioinformatics of Latin America. CBSM through University of Talca and government grants has installed one of the most advanced high performance-computing center for bioinformatics in South America, with more than 400 CPUs for parallel processing. The critical scientific mass generated by CBSM allows its participation in diverse projects, being the most relevant, the genome project for carmenere (vid) and several theoretical-experimental collaborative publications with national and international groups in biophysics, enzymatic catalysis, computer based drug design, transmembrane molecular simulations and bio-nanotechnology, among others. All these contributions permit to the CBSM to be one of the most important interdisciplinary groups in Chile. In the same way, the CBSM is continually developing new tools and research fields, like medical bioinformatics (in collaboration with Fernando Martin-Sanchez Group, Spain), computational chemistry and nanoinformatics. In the field of nanotechnology, the CBSM maintains a tight collaboration with Dr. Raul Cachau and the Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory of the National Cancer Institute (NIH, USA) for the development of new computational tools and databases for nanoparticles characterization, with the main objective to apply nanotechnology in biological system.

  • Fernando Danilo Gonzalez Nilo Fernando Danilo Gonzalez Nilo, PhD.

    Fernando Danilo Gonzalez Nilo, PhD. Dr. Gonzalez-Nilo (38) in 2000 he received his PhD in Chemistry at the Universidad de Santiago de Chile, doing his thesis in Molecular Simulations, in collaboration with Raul Cachau's Lab in the National Cancer Institute, USA. At present, Dr. Gonzalez-Nilo is Associated Professor and director of Center for Bioinformatics and Molecular Simulation (CBSM) of University of Talca.